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T&C's Apply

Being a bingo player myself i know how important it is to be rewarded regulary for your loyalty. That's why we let all of our roomies become part of Zoe's Crew!

The more you play the more we give away! Check out the different levels below:



Pro Master Champion
5% Bingo Bonus Cash-back 10% Bingo Bonus Cash-back 15% Bingo Bonus Cash-back
5 Free Spins 5% Games Bonus Cash-back 10% Games Bonus Cash-back
2 Tickets for the big 10k 10 Free Spins 15 Free Spins
5 Tickets for the big 10k 10 Tickets for the big 10k

These levels are reset each month so everyone is on a level playing field. If you haven't already make a deposit of £10 this month and you'll be straight in as a Pro crew member!

Check out the list below - if you can get up to Champion level you'll be playing non-stop with all the free stuff we give you!

Weekly Free Bingo Rooms

As if we're not giving you enough free bonus and spins, there's 4 FREE bingo rooms for you to join based on your spend over the week.


Game Name Quids In Freebie On the House Freemium
Prize Pool £1 £35 £10 £150
Opening Times 9am- 6pm 8pm 9am - 6pm Friday 8pm
7 day entry Req Any Deposit Single £10 Deposit Single £25 Deposit Single £100 Deposit

If you hae any questions or feedback on any of loyalty offerings on this page then do let Zoe know on

I'm looking forward to having you as part of the crewl ;-)

Zoe xx

Terms and Conditions

Loyalty level is classified, on a monthly basis, according to the volume of Jewels accumulated on a specific month.
The levels defined as follows:
0 Jewels = "Bingo Rookie"
1-599 Jewels = "Bingo Pro"
600 - 2,399 Jewels = "Bingo Master"
2,400 and above Jewels = "Bingo Champ"
(All together: "Loyalty Levels").
£1 deposit is equivalent to 12 Jewels
The jewel count is updated every 24 hours
The Loyalty levels are updated on a daily basis i.e. if you made your first deposit on a specific day, your Loyalty
level will be upgraded, from "Bingo Rookie" to "Bingo Pro", on the next day.
Zoes Bingo reserves the right to amend or remove these offers at any time without notice
Zoes Bingo reserves the right to change a player's loyalty level at its own discretion, as well as the loyalty
levels themselves.
Zoes Bingo maintains the right to upgrade or downgrade any player from any Loyalty level on its own sole
General Terms and Conditions apply.

Loyalty Benefits:

Loyalty Benefits are calculated at the beginning of each calendar month, with regards to the previous months' activity.
In order to be eligible for the Loyalty Benefits, you should be a registered subscribed player and to be classified at least as a 'Bingo Pro'.
If you wagered on the Site, during a calendar month, you will receive a percentage from any of your losing
bets, as bonus money to your account, on the following month ("Cash-back Bonus").
Cash-back Bonus will be calculated as follows: Real Money Wager - Real Money Wins.
Bets generated from Bonus Money do not contribute towards Cash-Back calculation
The Cash Back Bonus is calculated on either Instant Games or Bingo, in order to define a minimum and maximum
The Cash Back Bonus rewarded will be given as either Games Bonus or Bingo Bonus
The maximum Cashback Bonus that you can gain is £100 (only one account of each player can receive the
'Cash-back Bonus').
The minimum Cashback Bonus that you can gain is £1.
Bingo Cash-back Bonus can only be used to purchase bingo cards and cannot be cashed out.
Games Cash-back Bonus can only be played on IG and cannot be cashed out.
Free Cards: As defined in the table above, Katies Bingo reserves the right to change the game to which free
tickets will be credited to at any given time with no notice.
Free Spins: According to your loyalty level, you are granted with 'Free Spins', as defined in the table above. For
each winning spin, you will gain points. Once your spins are over, your points will be converted to games bonus
funds. In order to cash out these funds, you should wager them 80 times.
In order to receive the loyalty Benefits, you should respond within 72 hours, to the claim, sent to you by email,
by clicking on the link.
Your loyalty Benefits (if any) will be awarded to you, within 7 days, from the day you responded to our claim

Hi I'm Zoe, I'm one of those bingo players like you who loves a little bingo but really I just can't get enough of those super slick slot games like Gonzo's Quest and the scull one.. (Esqueleto Explosivo - honestly who came up with that name!)

If you're like me then you'll love my new site. We have all the best games, and I always make sure there's lots of free spins and games bonuses on the promo schedule!

Don't forget if you have any trouble at all, or just want to give me some feedback, you can get in touch with me directly on my email